Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull) · Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 69: I love to review last date with Charley

What a wonderful first time with Charley and Bob. I don’t understand why I ever was afraid of having sex in front of Bob. I have learned that it is important in our case to have some kind of foundation, a friendship. Not that we are all ‘besties’, but the three of us are also having fun when there is no sex involved and the communication is good.

Wesley (my first virtual Bull) was still too much of a kid, who needed lecturing. Kevin was too afraid of Bob and didn’t even show effort to get to know Bob. I was just Kevin’s mistress. Eric was always open to communicate with Bob. Though Bob didn’t like all the BDSM stuff we did. For example, Bob couldn’t bear to see me with nipple clamps or my ass being purple blue. So that is why Bob is content with Charley, he is the perfect puzzle piece. A piece who fits both of us as a couple. So rare in my opinion.

Bob receives a text from Charley the morning after.

“Hey Bob, I always check with Anne how you are feeling and experiencing our new adventure. But I want to say something to you directly. Always be open, you can tell me anything. I know yesterday was a lot to take in. Just know that I never want to cause friction between the two of you for the sake of this heavenly play. If you think the date frequency is too often, too long, too intense or whatever… Just tell me. I can take that into account. It is amazing how things are now. I absolutely adore Anne, but I know my place. Please be considerate of your own feelings. This is what I wanted to say to you. I hope we can have a friendship that lasts forever.”

Bob lets me read Charley’s message and I think it is adorable. Bob types his response and wants me to check the message before sending it to Charley.

“Thank you. I appreciate the way you handle us. I think that is why the situation feels less heavy than I expected. I like your humor, it makes everything less awkward and easier to talk to you. If I ever feel resistance, I will tell you right away. I am also happy the way things are. I love to see Anne in sexual ecstasy. The date frequency might be less in the future. I hope it won’t be a disappointment for you both, but I think we all are flexible and that everything will be all right. I agree to build on an everlasting friendship. I never expected to have one this way.”

I feel proud of both guys. They communicate so respectfully towards each other. Even though Charley is experienced as a bull, this is still his first encounter with a couple that is evolving into a new friendship.

In the meanwhile, Eric and I are mailing back and forth. I still care about him but mailing each other leads from one miscommunication to another. Eric confuses me. Now it is me who needs distance, since I am getting too emotional to even reply. I know he is not in a good place now and not his usual self, so I think it is better to stop mailing for a while before we might say unforgivable things to each other.

Back to last Tuesday… I can’t stop thinking about last Tuesday. Neither can Charley.

“To see your eyes rolling back, to see you cry from pleasure. That was so hot! I never experienced that,” Charley texts me.

“I didn’t realize I was crying. That’s how high I was from sexual ecstasy,” I confess.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, Bob had to tell me about it. He loved to see me in that state too.”

“I was shocked first. I thought I was hurting you.”

“There was no pain at all, just intense pleasure.”

“Damn, and I couldn’t get hard. That was a first for me.”

“It worked out in the end and else I wouldn’t have mind.”

“Well, I do mind. It would have made me insecure. You are just way too cute and very sexy, but sweet adorable.”

“You should know that I enjoy everything with you.”

“A very sexy girl, who is not sweet is easier for me to get hard.”

“Haha, maybe you felt pressure with me?”

“No, not at all. I just want to make sweet love to you and cuddle. There is no trace of pure porn feelings in my head. And putting on the condom on my not so stiff cock is the worst idea ever. But… Who gives a fuck? It was heavenly together.”

“I enjoyed everything! It was amazing.”

“Well yes, you were not good in hiding it. I love you so much!”

“I love you!”

I adore Charley for letting me into his mind. I love how pure and honest he is. Now that I think about it, the reviewing is something I could have used with Kevin. But… How can you review with someone who is not communicating? It was meant to end.

Charley and I want to see each other as soon as possible of course, but the first possible date is Saturday morning.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 69: I love to review last date with Charley

  1. Anne,
    You are making the right things happen between you, Charlie and Bob. My opinion is concentrate on expanding and improving this relationship, it’s certainly worth the effort. I am surprised that you still keep in touch with Eric, I think it’s time to end that relationship and put your complete efforts in your new adventure.


    1. Thank you Orientcuck. The three of us are doing great. I know I should cut contact with Eric. It is not fair to him, because he deserves a chance to move on. I still care about him though. He has been a precious part of my life and I like to look back on that. I have always been checking the men I had a intense bond with. This also means the men I have been intimate with before Bob. But… my main focus is Bob and Charley!


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