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Random thoughts: Quick update

Seriously… I find it hard to keep up with my diary. I have so many other priorities in my life right now. Fun and good priorities! I am fit as a fiddle and enjoy life to the max. I wish I could give you detailed chapters about my secret dates, but writing takes a lot of time. I am not a natural writer and I have 100+ revisions on a single chapter before I post it. OK, enough of that. Fact is that I don’t prioritize writing. I do have scribbles of all my dates… All sixty dates with Charley. Even if I would take a sabbatical, I would fail to write all chapters. So, here is the short version.

Next week I am dating Charley a half year. I see him two or three times a week. Charley and Bob are friends now and even spend time without me. The sex is great, magical! I get soaking wet of his kisses… His touch… Within seconds I am ready to have him inside me. Charley’s cock is a perfect fit for me. He makes love to me for hours (yes, he can fuck me in one position for an hour) and every second… Every thrust feels like he is hitting me with a wave of butterflies. I expected a dominant man at the start of this adventure, but he is mostly adorable, funny and romantic. I especially go insane when Charley during sex, turns my head with his strong hand towards my puppy dog and forces me to tell little Bobby how good his cock feels inside me. My doggy loves it and cums multiple times. Bob is always present, except when Charley visits for a morning quickie before work. But I will make sure to tell about the date or take pictures of Charley’s cum dumped on my body for Bob. Charley’s girlfriend benefits from the situation too, because she loves being alone in the evening during the week. She doesn’t want to know all the details of the dates, so Charley needs to keep his mouth shut until she asks for it. I am curious about ‘the girlfriend’, but I don’t think it is wise that we meet. Maybe I get jealous? I do wonder if she is curious about us (Bob and me). Most of all I am thankful that she shares Charley with me/us. She thinks Charley is a lucky man for having two girlfriends.

Kevin did a lousy try to ‘quick fix’ our affair after two months, is he dense or what? Come on, two months… He kept me in the dark for two months! I do cherish the special time we had, but our ‘relationship’ was unhealthy to start with. My unconscious is still progressing Kevin, since I had an emotional moment and cried when I drove by one of our meeting points. Bob isn’t mad about it and says he doesn’t want me any other way. In fact, Bob is happy that I care so much and don’t give myself to a random guy.

I received a message on Valentine’s Day (four months after the lousy try) from Kevin. “Big hug for you,” was his text. I didn’t respond. What is there to respond? To be honest I found it a bit cruel and selfish that he messed me up again. Maybe it was his last hope to connect with me. Too bad. I deserve better communication than a text without a clear message.

I am trying not to talk to Eric anymore. Not that I don’t want to. I log in on Skype from time to time, to check if he is still there. Many times, I typed something and then erased it. The last thing we said to each other is a wish for a good new year. I think he deserves a fresh start. In my opinion, it is selfish to ask for his attention. I do miss him, and I miss being submissive on that level. But to be realistic… It is not fruitful anymore. Eric was right to say goodbye to me. Also… Bob doesn’t want me in that submissive state anymore and he is the most important to me. I also need to be true to myself, because sex wise I long for love making the most. I learned a lot from Eric and I loved every bit of our wonderful adventure together. I am forever thankful and don’t regret the time we had together.

So, my focus on men is fully on Bob and Charley. They both love me unconditionally and I hope that their friendship lasts. Our love triangle/poly romance is amazing.

If you have any questions for me, write them in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Random thoughts: Quick update

  1. I’ve wanted for a long time to find a man that would fit into some type of a poly arrangement. I had my sights on a single man and he was only into playing games. Quite disappointing but at least now I can move on and not contact him anymore. I understand your struggle to find someone that fits into your marriage that both you and your husband approve of and feel comfortable with. You’re a lucky woman!

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    1. Hi Anna,

      Thank you for your comment and sharing. Good that you are moving on. Guys or even women who play games when you want something serious are a big no-no. Finding a guy who fits both husband and wife is rare indeed. I am well aware that I am lucky. I will enjoy this while it lasts. I hope you have better luck in the future. Always be true to yourself and your husband.


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  2. First off, please do not disparage your writing: it’s delightful. And every great writer has to edit. Knowing what can be improved and how to do it is what makes a writer great in the first place!

    Now, pardon my boldness, but I’ve been dying to find out: after six months, are you and Charley finally having bareback intercourse? And is he cumming inside you regularly? It just seems the natural way, and the true consummation of intimacy for all involved.

    I hope I’m not being fresh!

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    1. Hello Raoul,

      No need for a pardon. I asked for questions myself :). Short answer, no, we are not having bareback intercourse. Not yet. The three of us approve, but the girlfriend needs to be on board too. She is not in a good place mentally and easily stresses. The level of stress that shows on the body (very nasty eczema). The stress is caused by personal matters, not Charley’s double life. Charley thinks asking her permission now is not a good idea. I trust that he knows best for her situation and I don’t want to pressure him. I love him and enjoy every moment as is. If it takes too long, I will bring it up again.

      And thank you for your support in my writing.



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