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Charley’s first disappointment and smack on the face

The following happened in November.

Bob and I are home from a long day of training. I don’t text Charley because he has an evening with his girlfriend. I respect that. All of the sudden he calls me up.

“So are you on your way home? Or going to your work?” I ask.

“Depends…” Charley says like he is having a big surprise for me.

“On what?” I ask with a bit of wonder in my voice.

“Well I am passing by your town…” Charley says playfully.

“What do you mean?” I say, but what I am thinking is, give it to me straight!

“I could visit you.”

“Don’t you have an evening with your girlfriend?” I ask to clear any assumptions.

“No, since I am going to be home late anyway.”

“I wasn’t expecting tonight as an opportunity, but let me discuss it with Bob.”

Bob already says “no” behind his computer.

“I already hear Bob,” Charley says quickly like a disappointed child.

“Yes, I am sorry. Our place is a mess with all our workout stuff. It needs cleaning so we have room for our date tomorrow,” I say.

“OK, well that is too bad. Bye bye and kisses…” Charley says with an irritated voice.

“Bye bye my sweet love.”

He hangs up. I am a bit shocked on how childish he dealt with our ‘no’. I talk to Bob about what just happened. It feels like something is wrong. My stomach is turning and turning. I can’t sleep like this.

“Just call him and tell him how you feel,” Bob says to me.

I look at my phone and then back at Bob.

“I know I should, but… I am shy… And insecure.”

“This is a good communication training for you. Tell Charley that the conversation left an unpleasant feeling. That you find it hard to say ‘no’ to him.”

“I will try…”

I practice the conversation in my head and nervously dial his number.

I am waiting… But he is not picking up. This is not like him. Is he ignoring me? That would be simply stupid.

Few minutes later he texts me. Charley apologizes for wanting to come over. He wants to prevent such future events and he couldn’t pick up the phone. His girlfriend has an episode (period), so it is not wise to have a call from your mistress.

“Please don’t stop being you. One of the reasons I love you is that you are so spontaneous. Our answer is not always ‘no’ after a workout day,” I text him.

“But it was simply rude. I am sorry. I had a terrible day and really wanted to see you.” Charley confesses.

The feeling in my stomach is cleared, but I don’t like Charley’s ‘black-and-white’ view. He is coding his brain now to never ask to come over when Bob and I had a day of training. I know Charley’s mind works like that, since his girlfriend is in fact very ‘black-and-white’. So, I don’t blame him. Bob comforts me that he will talk about it tomorrow with Charley.

A Day passed. Bob and I already had dinner and are waiting for Charley.

Charley arrives and takes a seat at the dining table. I warm up the food and bring it too him. He looks tired. Bob also notices his sleepy tiny eyes, but sticks to the plan to confront Charley. 

“You should always ask to come over. Of course we will say ‘no’ most of the time, but a ‘yes’ is possible. Don’t change yourself,” Bob says to Charley.

Charley nods, but I don’t think he is listening actively. In my opinion he is nodding on autopilot, because he has a typical gaze of a child who just wants to get over it while a parent is lecturing. But he could also be just tired.

I try to make Charley understand. Still… I don’t see the look in his eyes changing. This is not a good time. I will talk to him when he is sharp again. Bob realizes too, that Charley is not taken in any information.

“Well enough of that. The dynamic of three people is new to us. I just want to make it work, so that everyone is pleased,” Bob says and finishes the conversation.

It is getting kind of a routine, but still so fucking good and hot. Taking a shower, preparing Bob in puppy mode and then Charley and I have passionate sex. Our favorite position with me on top. His cock curves perfectly in my moist pussy. He knows how to touch my inner sensitive parts. I love his strong hands grabbing my ass firmly, steering me on his cock, to make my eyes roll in the back and my body shiver. Hands, that show my little puppy that I am Charley’s mistress. We sync so much in rhythm. Short sweet penetrations rubbing my spots to make me long for the deep unexpected ones. 

Bob loves to be ignored while he sees my tiny body going up and down on another man’s cock. I can tell he is cumming when I throw my long hair back and give him a glimpse of my face. To see the intense pleasure in my eyes, while biting and licking my lips is like instant ejaculation to Bob. Charley is making it even better when he forces me to tell how good it feels while he pushes my face towards my submissive puppy, who is on the floor jerking off.

Then something unexpected happened. I hit Charley in the face while I talk dirty to Bob. That was definitely not suppose to happen. My hands live their own life when I am feeling even a tiny bit dominant. I am shocked, because Charley doesn’t like to be hit. He is pretty sensitive and needs sweet gentle caressing. We take a break and I apologize. Luckily the three of us can laugh about it. I will try to not let it happen again. Charley doesn’t mind, but ensures me that next time it will have consequences. I am happy about his response, because this dynamic can only work if he can overpower me.

“No worries, I can pin you down easy peasy,” Charley says.

I cuddle up against Charley. We kiss and caress.

“Are you two going for another round?” Bob asks.

“Let us just relax and chill,” I say.

“Yes, good idea. I am exhausted,” Charley says.

“You can sleep here if you want,” Bob says.

“I will be fine, but thanks!” Charley says while yawning.

It doesn’t take long before I hear him snoring. It is cute! I am all wrapped around his side and fall asleep too.

Bob entertains himself behind the computer, playing games.

An hour passed. Charley didn’t even know he fell asleep. Snoring is sleeping! He tucks me in and kisses me good night. I secretly wished for him to sleep in my bed, but his girlfriend doesn’t want it. She might freak out in the morning if she doesn’t find Charley in her bed. Still… I am amazed that Bob is OK with the idea. 


5 thoughts on “Charley’s first disappointment and smack on the face

  1. I’ve never liked that word, mistress. It has such negative connotations. Is it one that you feel suits your role in Charley’s life?
    I would have been decidedly unimpressed with Charley’s behaviour, too. Have there been any lingering effects of that?

    I’m also wondering what you mean by his girlfriend is having an episode? Does that mean she’s less happy with him seeing you? The comment about her being upset if he stayed over also made me wonder this.

    I agree with Bob, though- open and honest communication always tends to be for the best, even if the immediate outcome isn’t what you hoped. At least everyone is on the same page, though.

    I guess I also have to ask- you titled this post CHARLEY’S disappointment. Was his behaviour not also a disappointment for you?


    1. I can understand ‘mistress’ sounds negative. It doesn’t feel negative with Charley, as I feel more of a bonus girlfriend. He has been a good boy and learned from the situation. So far, no childish ‘hang up the phone’ actions since that moment.

      The episode of the girlfriend was stress at work. She is easily stressed, but doesn’t mind me as the extra woman in Charley’s life. Because Bob and I are saving her stress at home. She loves being alone and needs to be alone some evenings in the week, even sends Charley to us, because she needs her alone time. People with autism tend to need it.

      Bob is really my hero. So brave and wise. He can easily put his emotions aside and analyze situations rationally. Something Charley and I lack sometimes, or realize later when we are cooled down.

      And I wasn’t disappointed, just surprised I guess. I could understand why he was sad. In the end, I even find it adorable. He still has things to learn and I am happy he is willing to learn.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i’ll be a good little kinkster you wont even notice me im a wallflower waitting for yours to bloom


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