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A morning quickie. Charley finally came!

It’s early morning. Charley is going to visit me. I take a quick shower to check if the bleeding has stopped. It’s my last day of my period. Nope. Still a few drops of blood. Bob is asleep when Charley visits. I didn’t make effort to dress up, so I open the door with just my panties and my silky pajama blouse. No makeup. Just me, raw. OK, I did brush my teeth! Charley smells so lovely and fresh in the morning, no traces of stink of his work. Damn, he is hot. He looks like a modern cowboy without a hat.

We haven’t had a good fuck in three weeks’ time. The first week Bob and I were on a holiday, the next week my pussy was ripped and hurting, last week it was a blood bath due to the start of my period. So, yes… I crave for Charley. I am dying to get fucked.

Charley kisses me right away. My whole body is set on fire in an instant. I bet he likes my outfit, because his has hands are all over my tiny body. Squeezing my ass, caressing underneath my PJ’s.

“If you weren’t on your period, I would give you a quick hard fucking!” Charley says while he keeps my body close to his with his strong hands.

Just take me already is what I am truly thinking, but I feel too shy to say it.

“Tomorrow the bleeding will stop. Today are only a few drops of blood,” I say.

I don’t want to force myself and leave the decision to Charley to fuck me or not.

Charley responds with kissing me with more intensity and then suddenly stops.

“Will Bob be OK with it?”

“Yes, of course. He knows me.”

“Are you sure? What if he runs into us and gets mad?”

Seriously Charley, don’t you know us by now? Are you still afraid? Is what I am thinking.

“No, I guarantee you! Bob won’t get mad,” I try to convince Charley.

“Is he listening now?”

“No, he is deep asleep.”

“Is the door closed?”

“Yes, it is closed.”

I shut Charley up by kissing him. I rapidly undo him of his clothes.

“You drive me so wild. I want you now,” I moan.

“It is you, that drives me wild! I want to fuck you, a little blood is nothing compared to last time,” he smiles.

I undress myself, but before I could remove my panties, Charley throws me on the bed. He grabs my ass firmly and rips off my underwear.

“Grab me a condom!” He commands me.

I quickly open the drawer and get a condom. I put the condom on his hard rock cock. He looks bigger than normal, is this his morning dick? I never fucked him in the morning. I wet my pussy quick with some of my saliva. Charley does the same with his cock. Charley’s kisses are on fire. His tongue is devouring me. He takes me in missionary. I feel his cock sliding in without a problem. What a sensation. God! Charley’s cock is made for my pussy! It feels on such a different level than any other cock I felt before. Charley steers his cock until he is satisfied with my facial expression. He is such a love-machine. I try to keep my voice down, but I can’t suppress my moans. Charley lowers his upper body, letting it rest on his elbows instead of his hands. He grabs my head and holds it tight, while he fucks my pussy in a rough and fast tempo. I can’t see his face, because of our length difference. I do love feeling his strength. I feel tears of joy filling up my eyes. This is what I need, a man fucking me to his heart’s content. I don’t need someone who is asking me if I am OK all the time. I want to be fucked rough. Use me! Mm, the way his cock curves inside me is absolutely delicious. Every thrust inside me feels like I am hit with a wave of butterflies, the ones you feel in your stomach when seeing your crush. I can’t get enough of his perfect cock.

Charley stops and takes his penis out.

“Come here! On your knees!” He commands.

Like a good girl I crawl into doggy style position and offer myself to him.

“Wow, what a view. So tasty!” Charley compliments me.

I don’t have to help Charley with entering me. I feel pleased about that. I am on my knees, ready to be taken. Charley grabs my hips and curves them into a position he likes. My ass is all pointed up now with my breasts touching the mattress and arms flat on the bed. This position feels so vulnerable. It reminds me of Eric’s position two. Charley rests his hands on my ass cheeks, squeezing them, splitting them. Oh my God! My little asshole is all open for him to stare at. It is embarrassing, yet exciting. Seeing me in this position has a big effect on Charley. I know he loves ass, especially mine. He pounds me hard, so hard that I can’t put up resistance with my knees. I can’t hold him and find myself laying down with my ass curved up, the downward doggy style position. Charley fucks me hard into the mattress.

I am going crazy… Insane… Moaning… I start licking my fingers, because I crave to have another cock in my mouth. That view of me triggers Charley, he growls like an animal and I feel an explosion in my pussy. Did he really cum? Oh my God! He did. What a sexy sound he made. After more than three months… Charley finally cums. I feel happy. I sit up on my knees and see the condom filled with thick white sperm. Wow, I am impressed. I thank Charley with a slow erotic French kiss. I tell him that this quickie was so extremely sexy and hot.

Charley gets dressed and needs to go to work.

“Please text me later what Bob thinks, OK?” He asks me while I close the door behind him.

I go to the bedroom where my little puppy is still asleep. He wakes up a bit while I spoon him.

“Has Charley visited already?” Bob asks.

“Yes… And we fucked.”

“You naughty little woman!” Bob smiles.

I tell Bob that Charley was afraid. Bob’s response is the same as mine.

“Doesn’t he know us by now?”

I do think Charley is very respectful towards our relationship. He always wants to check for Bob’s approval. Such a sweetheart.

I let my puppy sleep and go back to the living room. I am still turned on. I grab my fairy vibrator and get myself two wonderful orgasms. I guess my moans woke up Bob after all. He joins me on the couch bed, the bed where I was fucked hard by Charley just a few moments ago. I tell Bob all the juicy details of what happened and focus on the fact that Charley’s cock exploded inside me for the first time. Bob listens to me while I massage his balls. I am fantasizing openly that I want Charley to cum inside me, so that Bob can lick my pussy. Or that I want Charley to cum over my boots and let my dog clean them up. Bob is losing his mind when I whisper stuff like that to him.

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      1. also are you opossed to putting your persnonal pix up public or private?


  1. still intrested in seeing you more intamintly ? i read your stories and try to picture you,knowing your most definatly sexy, i ask you if i could posiblly find a way to join your inner circle?

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