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Sealing dog-master relationship

My puppy dog has been such a good boy. I am training Bob more and more. He needs to follow my steps when setting foot in the house. First, take shoes off. Second, put on the collar. Third, wait on the door mat (inside the house) until I give a sign to come over. I let him stay on the mat for a few minutes. I want him to feel that I am the boss. Sometimes I just stand there, from a distance, to enjoy his humiliation. It is so delicious and I know he loves me for torturing him.

I also have a way when Bob is already at home. Bob can track me, everywhere I go. He gets a notification on his phone when I am close by. The notification is also a sign that he needs to be ready. Ready to put on his collar and open the door for me on his knees. Again, he needs to wait for a sign to leave the door mat.

He is so well trained, that I don’t even need to get the keys out my purse to open the door. As soon as he hears my footsteps and sees my shadow moving closer, the door opens and I see those big submissive eyes peeking, his body shivering in fear of getting caught by neighbors.

When I sit on our couch bed and feel content with the amount of door mat time, I will gesture him to come.

“Come here boy! Lay your head on my lap,” I will say while I clap on my upper legs.

I cuddle him for feeling proud and caress the soft little hairs on his head. I ask him about his day, because I want to liberate him from stress or reward him with compliments. Home needs to be safe and carefree. We can stay and talk to each other in that position for hours. Depending on the situation I will put his collar off, so he can be my husband again or I will leave it on if I want to play some more.

One other thing I am proud of accomplishing is the way he begs for food. I am the one who does all the cooking. He only gets a meal if he begs on his knees, scratching with his paws on the kitchen floor and whine like a dog. He knows when he forgets, I will make him force watching me eat, while he is looking at me sitting on his knees on the floor.

I love to see Bob in his puppy mode. He looks so happy when I tell him what to do. To him this is freedom and of course a sex kink. His cock is always hard during puppy play. I call it, my happy tail.

I wanted to surprise Bob with a dog tag. I imagined forcing him to go on his knees on the beach and ask him if he wants to be my puppy forever. I planned it all for our holiday, but the name tag arrived too late. Like 3 weeks late. The website told me it was only two days. There goes my romantic opportunity. It felt important to me, like asking someone to marry you. This stage of life is like a new chapter. I really embraced being Bob’s master and wanted to seal it with a beautiful golden name tag.

But, I am pathetic with keeping secrets from Bob. We went a few days abroad for our holiday, but as soon as we arrived home, I spoiled all my plans and my disappointment. Bob was still surprised and moved though. He wears the tag with pride and I love the sight and sound of it. The jingle… Triggers me to play and dominate my sweet doggy.

Charley doesn’t know about the name tag and the story behind it. This is just between the two of us. Bob and me.

6 thoughts on “Sealing dog-master relationship

  1. Ritual can be so important in reinforcing connection. I’m glad you and Bob have something that works for you.
    Henry wears a beautiful custom made dog tag on his collar, too. It’s just perfect for us. He isn’t a puppy, but wears his leather collar for BDSM play. He wears a day collar that just looks like a pendant on a chain all the time.

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    1. How wonderful that Henry has a day collar! Maybe one day I will fix something for Bob too.
      I just love the sight of a leather collar on the neck, gets me in Queen mode right away.


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