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I miss sex

Forgive me if my English is bad compared to my previous posts. I am not the sharpest tool at the moment. Right now, my sex life sucks. I had an accident when spring just began, which required surgery. Bob doesn’t want me to tell the details of my injury, but just imagine an exhausted woman, high on medication and in my bed like 90% of the time. I hope I can walk again within a few months. The doctor predicts that I will be back to my ‘fitgirl’ level within a year. I know, a year is long. I am glad that I always try to get the maximum out of life, so a set back now and then is to be expected. Without the lows, no highs.

Bob is taking good care of me. I was worried he would stress out, because he can’t cook. He surprises me and soothes me. I haven’t been initiating dates with Charley. Seriously, what is so sexy about a cripple? But guess what… Charley is still seeing me weekly and yet again I don’t want him to hold back if he wants to date other women. Claiming Charley is the last thing I want. Though Charley calls me every day whenever he can. I guess he really loves me after nine months. And he still has a certain look in his eyes. Eyes that can’t stop staring. Bob notices it too. We both still see a little insecure nerdy boy in Charley. A little boy that thinks, how on earth can this gorgeous woman love me. I am still madly in love with both of them, wiping my tears of happiness. Or is it the medication? No, I don’t think so.

A few weeks after my operation I tried to get in touch with my sexual self again. My libido was totally gone and I wanted to proof to myself that I still can get aroused. I forced myself to watch porn. I got turned on within a few seconds, regretting I didn’t prepare my dildos and vibrators. I managed to get them and still have my mind longing for lust. I teased my pussy with my fingers, avoided my clit. Licked my fingers with saliva and rubbed it on my pussy lips. With my ring and middle finger, I entered my pussy and rubbed myself inside. I learned this technique from Charley. After a few rubs my fluid gates opened. Guess my private parts really missed the joy of touch. I fastened up my finger movements and listened to the soaking sounds. My head felt so warm. I needed a cock! In this case my giant dildo. Without any problem I managed to slide the huge toy inside of me. God, it felt good. I came so fast. It was impossible for me to edge. 

Bob and Charley refuse to have sex with me. They are afraid to hurt me, which is sweet. But… Fuck… I need to be fucked! My panties are wet, the moment Charley slides his tongue inside my mouth. He is such a fine sexy man. God, I miss sex.


4 thoughts on “I miss sex

  1. Sorry to hear about the accident! I hope you recover quickly.

    Even if they’re not willing to have PIV intercourse, can’t they give you pleasure? What about a nice pussy licking or fingering? Sex is about so much more than just a cock in a pussy- sometimes we don’t do that at all because there are so many other fun activities to enjoy 😉

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    1. Maybe within a few weeks. For now it hurts if they come close to me. As soon as I feel the mattress taking a different shape, because of their body weight, I feel pain. They are both definitely not delicate beings lol. They don’t trust themselves and are too afraid to hurt me.

      I am trying to pick up playing with my puppy, when I have a good day though. Another thing is that Bob and Charley also like to spend time together, so I let them hang out and bond.


    1. Thanks Eve. I guess it is what it is. Sex-wise, a disaster yes, but then again it is a good relationship test with Charley. Since we don’t get much opportunity to get to know each other in all kinds of situations.

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