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Lovers triangle dynamics

I have gotten to the point that I really want to invest in Charley. Yes, he is my boyfriend already, but what I mean is… I think he is worthy of my precious time, our time! I see a future with him and I feel secure of his loyalty to us. I also trust that we can work out our differences or other future obstacles. There is no single drop of frustration like I had during my dates with Kevin. Charley is sincere and always checks in on me.

The crazy NRE (new relationship energy) is ‘gone’ and to be honest I like the stability and clarity of it. I am almost sure it is because of the control freak in me. I love Charley even more now with flaws and all. We have been through some hardships together. The three of us always try to help out or make it up to each other as soon as possible. Charley has earned our respect, love and trust.

The dynamic between us has grown towards ‘parents-child’. The sound of it is definitely not sexy and I think unusual too for a cuckold relationship. I can’t think of a better way to describe our triangle. Guess who is the child? Charley is. Daddy Bob dares to confront or give advice to Charley when needed. I can see how Charley changes into a good listening child. He needs someone like Bob in his life. As I told you, Charley has his own company. He is surrounded with ass kissing employees, which is quite common of course when you are the boss. So, someone who is honest and has his own view on life is quite refreshing for Charley. Next to all the talking, my two men like to play video games. Too bad I can’t join, because the games they like to play are making me nauseous. Sometimes mommy Anne gets jealous, when I see that Charley asks more attention from Bob compared to me. Of course I can mingle in the conversation, but I find a group conversation hard as an introvert. There is also that alpha male thing he does to overrule me, when he wants Bobs attention. I tried playing non-vomit-games with Charley, but I can tell he is only doing it to please me. He has way more fun with Bob. I do love seeing them in their bubble of joy, despite the jealousy. It makes the sex more exciting when Charley is finally mine and I want them to have their own relationship.

About my mommy role. I spoil the little boy rotten with food. He even gained some weight from all our dates. His girlfriend is a vegetarian and very structured with food intakes. And then there is me, who likes to cook more than enough, with meat! Charley also loves to be caressed. His skin is very sensitive and he gets totally numb when I touch him. This big man always falls asleep in my arms or on my lap, drooling like a puppy. So yes, Charley can be a little boy and that is OK. He wants to act tough all the time, telling me mighty or successful stories. I find it funny how he has that masculine trait, the need to have your ego fed with compliments. I definitely feel like a mom in those situations too.

After writing all this, how can Charley be dominant during sex? Simple, because we let him. We all have our role. Bob on the floor. Charley and I devouring each other on the bed. I am still nervous when I want to give feedback to Charley when it comes to sex. Of course it would be ideal when a man does everything you want in bed, without having to tell him. But that is very rare dream for me. I am difficult to read, so a man needs my guidance. I will tell Charley out loud when he does a good job or when he hurts me. I tell him my naughty fantasies and boy… He learns from it.

Charley sometimes feels pressure to give a good show towards Bob. Bob wants to help him release the stress, but Charley feels kind of embarrassed by it and let the issue wander. Being a stranger to each other or a friend makes a big difference when fucking another man’s wife. Bob and I discussed the topic ourselves. We don’t really understand why Charley forces himself to put on a good performance towards Bob. His focus should be on me and ignore the husband. So I told Charley in private that Bob wants to be ignored. It was a tactical move of us, because Charley is so focused on pleasing Bob. Charley looked pumped and triggered when he heard Bob’s request. We just need to get the opportunity, since I gave him the feedback in the same week as my operation.

I can’t wait…

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