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Condom usage…

This is a follow up post from Magical sex without focus on orgasm, also in November.

I am more than pleased when it comes to sex with Charley and the feeling is mutual. It is simply magical. I ask how Bob thinks about no condom usage. He doesn’t mind as long as Charley is not fucking others. And if he wants to fuck other girls, then we get back to condom usage. We are all STD tested now and I still want to experience Bob licking my pussy with Charley’s cum. I am glad Bob approves, but now I am nervous on how to break it down to Charley. I don’t dare to ask him right in the face or on the phone. I feel too shy about it. I decide to send Charley a text.

“Sweetheart, how do you (and your girlfriend) think about no condom usage? I want to ask this already, so you can think about it. We are fine with it and if you want to fuck someone else, then back to condom usage,” I text Charley.

“Can I call you?” Charley replies.

“I am at work…” I reply with a flushed face.

“We will discuss it tonight,” he says and then goes offline.

OK, this is nerve-wrecking. No answer yet. Guess I wait until tonight. I have a hard time to concentrate at work. I feel nervous and aroused, daydreaming about Charley.

It’s dinner time. Charley is running late. Bob and I are famished and start dinner without him. The two of us have a good time, though the absence of Charley makes the condom subject difficult for me to bring up later. I know Bob never has trouble with talking about any subject. I ask him to please help me out if he sees me failing to ask Charley. We know each other long enough to notice when one of us is struggling.

Charley finally arrives, but is still busy mailing for work on his phone. I try to hide my nerves with all my might. I think he is too distracted to even notice. Charley finds his way to the kitchen and grabs some leftovers. I am so glad that he feels at home. He joins me at the dinner table, while Bob sits behind his computer. Charley is wearing a shirt with a collar, it makes me even weaker in the knees when I stare at him. Come on, why am I hiding my face behind my cup of tea. I feel ashamed of my shy face. I do want to blur out the question, but turn silent instead. I am making it awkward for myself. Bob sees me struggling. He will only enter the conversation as a last resort. I am making small talk with Charley, but can’t help staring a lot. He looks extremely attractive tonight. Charley, my love at first sight. He is not even aware that he is good looking.

I clean up Charley’s plate and go to the kitchen. Charley follows me, like he knows there is something on my mind. Fuck, I fail again. My hormones are taking over as I press him against the wall and kiss him. I am trapped in my own foolishness.

“Have you guys discussed condom usage?” Bob asks while still in the living room.

Bob can’t see us in the kitchen. It stays silent for a while.

“Oh, didn’t you notice? We have been doing without already! I poked a big hole in the condom,” Charley jokes.

Why is he joking? I wonder slightly frustrated. I want to hear his thoughts! But I feel so insecure to ask. I keep on kissing him. I am such a chicken, but my hero Bob is my perfect wing man. Or could it be that Charley doesn’t know what to say too? That he also feels insecure? I am thinking.

“I’ll go take a shower, OK?” Charley says.

“I’ll join you!” I burst out.

“That is cozy,” Charley says with a big smile.

I rush into the shower, because I lack confidence today to stand in the bright lights. I am comfortable when the shower curtains are closed and Charley is embracing me. We kiss while our bodies warm each other. Suddenly Charley’s expression changes into a serious one.

“About the condom usage…”

“Yes…” I say while I look at Charley with big curious eyes.

“I wanted to wait until you two would bring it up. I do want it, but I didn’t want you to feel pressured or pushed. So, I am glad you guys brought it up. The thing is… I need to find the right moment to discuss the subject with my girlfriend. She is in a depression and I don’t want her to flip. This is very sensitive.”

“That is OK. Take all your time. I just needed to know your thoughts. Even if we can only fuck with condom, I still want you. I love everything with you. I also want to give you the pleasure of cumming, since the condom can block you. ”

“You are so sweet…” Charley says with love drunk eyes.

We goof around in the shower, like we do best. I am relaxed now. I finally know the situation. I reach down to wash my vagina, but stop. I am shocked that I am slippery wet and feel like cleaning my love juices is a waste. I wash everything, but not my most intimate zone. I want my pussy to be ready for action.

“Oh my God, I am slippery wet already. I better get out of the shower and dry myself.”

“Hmm, how could that be?” Charley reacts while he winks at me.

I leave Charley in the bathroom to check up on Bob. I enter the living room naked and see that Bob hasn’t prepared yet.

“Come on boy, it is time for you to get to your place,” I say to Bob.

I put some blankets on the floor and grab his puppy collar. In the meanwhile Charley is relaxing on the bed, naked. I sit on the end of the bed and let Charley enjoy how I prepare my puppy.

“On your knees,” I command Bob.

Bob kneels down and offers his neck.

I put on his collar. I kiss him on his fluffy head.

“Are you going to be a good boy and lay down for me?” I ask while I pet his head.

Bob doesn’t dare to bark, but nods instead. That is good enough for me. I watch my puppy crawling to his corner and make sure he watches me. I turn my back towards him and show my firm round ass. It is no longer his as I crawl to Charley on the bed. Charley reaches for me and pulls me in, grabbing my ass. I am claimed and no longer Bob’s for the night.

I might sound like a broken record, but making love to Charley is amazing. He makes me forget about everything. It is just us in a magical erotic trance and my little puppy enjoying the show. Bob can’t get enough of seeing me indulge in pleasure. He cums again and again.

I am so addicted to be on top of Charley, with our difference in length it is easier to kiss and fuck each other in this position. But Charley wouldn’t be Charley, he wants to control too. Even when I am on top, his hands are grabbing my ass firmly. He is in control of my movements, moving my tiny body up and down his cock. Oh God, my pussy can’t stop flowing juices when he does that. When I am in the state of losing it, he chokes me with both hands, moving me up and down like that. I feel one being with him, the rhythm is perfect. He is perfect.

Charley gets even hungrier and comes on top of me. He teases me with the tip of his cock, rubbing my G-spot. He just knows how to contract his muscles down there to please me. He stares at me, eyes fully focused on my expressions.

“You are amazing, you really enjoy this, don’t you?” Charley smiles.

I feel shy. I nod and whisper, “Yes…”

He kisses me, a slow erotic kiss. Then he finally let me feel his full length. Again and again. He has such control over his penis. It feels like he makes his cock extra hard with every thrust. Charley lowers himself from being on top with his hands to his elbows. He embraces me and I can reach his back with my arms. We can’t see each other’s faces this way, because he is such a big man. But I feel him, I love to feel his full weight, his sweet embrace, his hard penis fucking my hungry pussy in a faster tempo. I hear Bob in the background wanking and breathing hard. Do I really deserve this out of this world sex play? I feel so overwhelmed with emotions that I start to cry tears of pleasure. Charley slows down and kisses my cheeks. Kissing my tears away. He knows that I am all right. We keep embracing each other now, feeling both intensely happy. I love him deeply.

We let Bob take a break, but keep cuddling and fall half asleep. What a night!

3 thoughts on “Condom usage…

  1. Oh Anne, this is such an erotic retelling of an amazing night for all you…sooo hot! Love the hot details of how it feels for you to experience sex with Charley. All the while, your husband is watching and having an incredible night too enjoying his place on the floor… 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Naughty wife indeed.😈 And, for Bob, a husband shouldn’t be pleasing himself to the sight of another man having his lover…he likes it naughty too (and I totally get it)🔥


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