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Is this my husband?

This event happened on the same evening as the post I feel insecure and jealous.

I know I have a lot of power on how to give color to my sex life. My challenge is that I need to speak my mind more, which is something I need to overcome as a shy introvert. What I want now is to be intimate with Bob. I call him over on the couch bed. I want him to touch me, caress me. The last time Bob fucked me was last year, since my relationship with Charley. Bob is not complaining and I have his consent. My brave husband embraced the fact that his cock is incompetent and being humiliated is his greatest thrill.

I did some reading on how to get the flame back in a long term relationship. One advice from a psychologist was to lay down on the bed and caress each other. Explore skin and really look into the eyes of the other person. See the person for who he really is. When I look at Bob, I see a brilliant good looking man. Who is fearless, strong and brave for always showing his true emotions. He doesn’t know shame and is not afraid to hurt me with feedback. I realize I am the one who is not truly open to him. Yes, I do love dominating him as my puppy. But I am shy when it comes to asking about pleasuring my not so dominant side. I stare at Bob with a different softer look. This dynamic with Bob is way out of my comfort zone. It is easier to dominate him.

“Make love to me…” I ask Bob with a shy face.

I know we can’t, because my period is a disaster. But at this moment, I crave for some love making. Bob looks at me and does something he never does. He is taking the lead. He sits up and kneels on the bed to hover above me. Who is this man? What a different energy, is what I am thinking. I let my man lead me. He grabs my hands and puts them above my head. I feel an arousal, that I haven’t felt in such a long time with Bob. He licks my lips. I shiver. I am used to his submissive mouth with a trembling tongue, but he is being animal and really sexy right now. It is me who surrenders. He feels like another man. Is this my husband? He wets my nipples with saliva and pinches them softly. Even this feels good. Bob is reaching my submissive side on a mental level. He talks me down, whispers in my ear what he wants to do to such a naughty wife. I find this extremely erotic. When I first met Bob, I fell for his voice. He has a deep strong manly voice. I feel my pussy burning. I want him.

I am proud. Proud of Bob for never giving up and trying. I roll on top of him. We are kissing as I rub my pussy against his erect cock. Seeing my puppy underneath me wakes up my dominant side. He looks so short compared to Charley. I can’t help myself, but do manage to ask politely, if I can take over the lead. Bob nods.

I try not to be aggressive. Instead I whisper to him.

“You are such a good boy, thank you for always trying…

You still wish to fuck me right?” I ask.

Bob nods. “I do anything for you. Anything! Tell me… Guide me… You are my Goddess.”

I am so aroused. I want an orgasm with Bob. I grab my fairy vibrator and put it on my clit. We lay next to each other, eyes locked while masturbating together. I do think about Charley while I am with my man. I share it openly with Bob. We both get off on it. I reach a long satisfying orgasm. A second later Bob cums hard. We fall asleep in each others arms. My sweet little Bob.

Even though Bob hasn’t been inside me for a long time, I want to try again soon! And it is also OK if we have a failed attempt again, because being his Queen will always be thrilling. I couldn’t live without seeing my puppy’s submissive eyes. I love him so much.

9 thoughts on “Is this my husband?

  1. This is a hot evening and a nice twist to see Bob, even if briefly, being more dominant and your aroused response to him. I get his desire for erotic humiliation…it is a powerful kink that fits nicely in the cuckolding/hotwife lifestyle 🔥

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    1. I have copy paste this from an earlier post (chapter 43):

      “He can’t pull his foreskin down, because his frenulum (the elastic skin between the foreskin and tip) is short. It hurts so much that he loses his erection. This was always the case, but being so extremely submissive nowadays makes him lose his hard-on faster. Which is not a good combination with my tight vagina.”


  2. Glad you guys had fun. I am very much of the opinion that if I want something, then I’m still in control. I would view what Bob did with you as service Topping, rather than Dominating. He wasn’t doing what he wanted with you for his pleasure, but doing what he thought would give you pleasure. When my husband fists me, he is not Dominating me even though he is doing the action to me.

    Actions are not dominant or submissive; mindsets are. You may wish to read more about the axis of D/s versus Top/bottom, it sounds like it might help you clarify some of your thoughts.

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    1. Damn SSQ, you really make me think. Bob agrees with you too. I am not very well educated when it comes to the world of BDSM. It was always go with the flow, but I will make sure to do some reading on Top/bottom versus D/s. Sounds mighty interesting to me. I’m positive that information like this will influence my mind. Thanks again for your take on this. Really helpful.


      1. I’m glad that my thoughts are helpful!

        The easiest way I sum it up is, if we’re doing what I want, then I’m still Dominating even if he’s doing stuff to me. There’s a lot of BDSM situations where you’ll see a submissive doing the action at the request of their Dominant, but it doesn’t change their dynamic. It’s like when people believe that Dominants don’t suck cock or lick pussy. I happen to love sucking cock 🙂 It’s all in the mindset.

        Although I know different communities use the words dominant and submissive differently than we do in the BDSM community. Certainly, the swingers don’t seem to see it the way that we do! To each their own, as long as people engaging in activities are on the same page, right? 🙂

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