Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull) · The men

Icing on the cake, reconnecting with Charley

After our victory in post I feel insecure and jealous I feel steady and calm. My faith in our relationship of three has leveled up. I can hear and feel Charley’s desperation in his voice and text messages. He wants to see me, but his busy work schedule won’t let him. I try to calm him down and that I am not going anywhere, even after the emotions we have been through. I can sense this is new to Charley and that is OK.

What I like about Charley is that I don’t have to play that silly ‘hard to get’ game. I feel safe telling him that I will be waiting, without feeling like an easy woman. He doesn’t take my flexibility and efforts for granted.

I haven’t seen Charley for a week and I still feel at ease.

“Tomorrow morning?” he texts me.

“Only if it is not an obstacle for your work,” I text back.

I used to set an alarm when we have a date in the morning. I would do my morning ritual and be waiting for Charley to arrive, but a date is never sure. Something might come up last minute. So, today I sleep in. I cuddle up to Bob, my little spoon. And when I feel like it, I start my day. Bob is still sleeping. I wake him up to ask if he is OK if I have sex with Charley, since it has been more than a month. Another reason is that I want to give my two guys a better piece of my mind. They often don’t know what I want or what I am expecting. Well sex is what I want and I want to make it clear.

“I’m sorry, not today. My friends are going to pick me up and I need to pack. I don’t want you fucking in the meanwhile,” Bob says.

“What if we go to the bedroom? Then we won’t be in your way,” I say, trying to find a solution.

“No, this is my bed,” Bob says with a down turned smile.


I grab my phone and text Charley to ask if he is on his way and to inform him that we can’t have sex due to friends coming over. Charley understands and the date is still on.

“You said that in such a cute way, that this is your bed,” I say to Bob while I pet his head.

Bob giggles and wiggles his cute little bottom.

“I love you and already informed Charley, so he doesn’t have expectations,” I say.

“I’m so sorry, there is no other way,” Bob says.

Charley arrives in his button up shirt with a collar. Damn it, he always looks hot in that shirt. I am on the couch bed in the living room when he enters. He hovers over the bed to kiss me, a very passionate kiss. I try to tone it down and hug him tight. I sniff his neck, his scent turns me on. Charley behaves and I can see today that he really tries his best to not ignore me during small talk between the three of us.

Guess what… The odds are in our favor. Bob’s friends arrive early, which gives me some spare time with Charley. As soon as my sweet puppy leaves, I close all the windows and doors. I feel like a cheating wife this way.

“Do you have time for a quickie?” I ask Charley.

“Am I allowed? I thought today was not possible,” Charley says a bit surprised.

“Yes, but that was because of Bob’s friends. They are gone now.”

“Are you sure? Is Bob OK with this?”

“Yes, he is.”

Charley has so much respect for Bob and I can tell there is still a little bit of angst. He doesn’t want to cause friction between the three of us.

“Or are you not in the mood for sex?” I joke.

“Are you kidding, I want you. I want you now! Always!”

“Good, because I have been craving for you. Feels like a year has past.”

“Forgive me if I come quick…”

“I am totally fine with that.”

I stand on my toes, kissing Charley, groping Charley. Our tongues and hands can’t hide our hunger for each other. This man has been so patient with me and now I finally see that craving look in his eyes again. He wants to ravish me. We quickly undress. Charley pushes me on the bed. Fuck, I am slippery wet already from kissing.

I am lying naked on the bed. I surrender to Charley, who is on his knees. He grabs my hand and puts it on his hard cock. Yes, use me how you want, is what I am thinking. Charley stares at me with his icy blue eyes. They really pop now that he has a tan. It is hard for me to not look into his eyes. His fingers pinching my nipples, while I am jerking off his delicious cock. I moan out loud. Slowly he is moving his fingers towards my clit, he circles and then drops one finger down. Sliding through my sweet pussy juices.

“Wait a minute… Are you this wet already?” Charley says surprised.

“Yes, that is how much I want you. I waited so long for this,” I moan.

Charley circles his fingers on my clit again. Just a few rubs and I already feel like cumming. I scream it out when he lets his middle and ring finger inside my pussy.

“Holy fuck… This is so good. I am going crazy!”

I am extremely aroused. Charley notices. He starts to finger fuck me hard. My pussy is gushing. One thing is for sure. Charley is amazing at finger fucking. I don’t want to cum on his fingers. We don’t have much time and I crave for his cock. I am so fucking horny, that is what not having sex for more than a month does to me.

“I want you. I want you! Please!” I beg Charley to enter me.

Charley grabs a condom, while I am panting on the bed.

“Come here you sexy woman. Spread your legs!”

Charley can’t fight his hunger to pound me hard. His full length going in and out. This man has been craving for me big time.

“Holy shit! Slow down a bit. I need to get used to you, have you always been this big?” I moan.

“I just want to fuck you hard!” Charley groans.

“OK, build it up and then pound my pussy.”

I seriously can’t handle Charley on top today. I can almost feel him in my stomach, that is how big he feels. My pussy is reaching her limit and starts to dry up and fold. Charley feels it and stops right away.

“Can I be on top please? My pussy works better if I am on top of you!” I beg Charley.

We switch and instantly start fucking like rabbits again. Oh my God, this man is irresistible. My pussy is soaking wet now. Charley’s hands on my firm ass, lifting me up and down his cock. My long hair falling down on his face, my perky breasts bouncing. I am losing it. With one hand he grabs my throat and with the other he grabs my hips, forcing me to move how he wants. This is fucking ‘s-ecstasy’.

Charley really wants to pound me and asks if doggy style is OK with my injury. We try, but it hurts me. He grabs a pillow and lets me rest on it with my belly. This position lifts my ass up in the air. Charley closes my legs and digs his cock inside my craving pussy. I automatically grab my ass and squeeze my cheeks for Charley.

“Yes, spread your cheeks for me. Show me while I fuck you hard!” Charley growls.

I wish we had a mirror on the side, so I could see him sliding his cock in and out. I want to see the image of a big man devouring a little girl. Charley can’t hold it any longer. He removes the condom and wants to cum over me, but he can’t.

“Shit, removing a condom is really a buzz killer for me…” Charley says disappointed.

I am not giving up and start to talk into him, while he jerks off on me.

“Please, I want to hear you cum.

Cum over my back…

Cum over my ass…

I want to be your slut…

I want to feel your warm sperm…” I moan and beg.

I hear a loud groan and feel thick warm drops of sperm all over my back and ass. I smile. Charley is mesmerized by the view.

“Damn it, wish I could put my cock inside you again!”

“Well, you have my approval. But you really need to ask your girl at home if you are allowed bareback.”

Charley takes a few pictures of my back and ass for Bob. He cleans me up while I am lazing on the bed. I stare at the pictures. Holy shit, my whole back is covered in sperm, like thick loads of sperm. I am amazed. I hope Bob is going to be thrilled with the pictures!

We cuddle up and have the cutest romantic talks.

He says adorable things like, “I really want to take it slow. I don’t want to force all our fantasies at once, like rushing down a checklist.”

Or, “Every single sex date with you was amazing!”

And then there is that adorable nerdy look. Fuck, I really have a thing for nerds.

Charley needs to go now. Work is waiting.

Bob returns in the evening. He loves the pictures. He does find it weird that Charley thought we couldn’t have sex at all. Charley is such a black and white type. The only reason why we were not allowed to have sex, was because friends might show up. Silly Charley…

I tell Bob all the juicy details of our wild sex encounter, while he is wearing his puppy collar. I share him my fantasy, that maybe he can finally penetrate me with a warm creampie from Charley. My puppy needs to be prepared when that day finally comes. I want him to long for Charley’s sperm. If he fails to penetrate me even then, I will have him eat Charley’s creampie and humiliate my puppy even more.

So much to explore still…



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