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Random thoughts: Quick update

I’m OK! More than OK. I realized that my last post was in July. Our summer months have been project after project. Hold on. It’s still project after project. We found a way to earn good money. I feel energized about working as a team with Bob. Though I wish I made more time for myself. I gained some weight, but my physical appearance is still turning heads when I enter a room.

I am not cured from my injury yet. Patience…

How is our relationship with Charley? We are good. The three of us have a very crammed agenda, but we still manage to see each other weekly at least. I don’t feel insecure about Charley’s feelings anymore and Charley is far more relaxed during his visits. He no longer feels the pressure to please Bob. The drama in my post I feel insecure and jealous was good for us. We learned and adapt. That is what makes me love Charley even more. He is just like us learning our ‘manual’ and nothing is stupid or crazy.

About the sex? Fuck, the sex is good! Sessions with my puppy dog and hot steamy sex with Charley. I even had my first vaginal orgasm ever! I will tell you more about it in a different post.

More than a year has gone by. I still feel butterflies when I stare a little bit too long in Charley’s beautiful icy blue eyes. His kisses, especially the long ones with lips slightly open and no tongue, pff… They set me on fire from head to toes.

We had an important talk about our relationship with each other. I told Charley that I am OK if he needs another sex partner, but that I would appreciate him telling me about it. He said that he doesn’t want another and is very happy with me. Still… People are not written in stone. I am an example myself. Charley wants me to be fulfilled and happy, so if I want or need a sex fantasy with other people, then he is OK with it. Though I doubt if he can handle that. Since he can act a bit jealous when I share stories about other men. I think it’s cute. He is cute!

So far Charley has given me the best penetration I have ever had. He confessed the other way around. Is it chemistry? The cuckold play? Or just physical compatibility? Since he fits like a glove. I don’t know. After more than 100 dates, I still want him!

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