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Random post: quick update

So, here I am at work, trying to sneak a post quickly. I know it’s been too long, but I can’t manage to write whole chapters yet. I am juggling with priorities in life every day. I have my jobs, projects with Bob and my revalidation is still a few more months. Reaching my fitness level as it was before my injury is very important to me. I am so happy I can run, jump and be a little wild again. My weight is finally dropping too.

I miss Charley. This time the missing feeling is different compared to Kevin. I feel so sure of Charley, there is no single drop of doubt. I love him. I trust him completely that he will be around when he can.

The spare time I have goes to Bob, Charley and some dear friends. When my life is more balanced, I promise I will get back. I can’t risk a burn out… I can’t handle more. This short post is all I can offer at the moment. There is so much to share though! New feelings of jealousy, a business trip with Charley, Bob successfully penetrating me…

To be continued.

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