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One of those many mornings with Anne (written by Bob)

I was waking up, when I felt I had a huge boner. Anne had a firm grip around my balls and started edging me while staring into my eyes. She had a very cruel look in her eyes and added,

“I love to see you whimper on the ground in the corner when I’m having real sex with my lover.

But you’re still kinda lucky. One day I will add a dog mask, chastity belt and a butt plug while your hands are bound behind your back.”

Anne saw the shock on my face and she looked satisfied. The look of agony on my face was the reward she needed. I even started to shake and almost cry about the thought being that extremely humiliated. The worst thing that came to my mind, was not being able to jerk off while being horny and in pain.

Anne arouses me so much all day, and especially when she fucks her lover, I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be, not to jerk. And what about the pain, my cock will explode, I can already imagine how much pain the metal bars would cause to my penis.

Then Anne continued, “Why would you need that penis anyway? You can’t pleasure me with it, so why wouldn’t I lock it up?

After all, I own you. And I would like to see you caged. Well, yes even in a dog cage. Maybe I’ll buy one and place it near the bed.”

Anne smiled and started squeezing my balls until she saw the tears in my eyes. With one hand she grabbed my cock, it was super-hard, leaking precum and feeling like it wanted to explode. I was actually proud about the size, but just for a second.

“Look at this small cock, it’s nothing compared to my lover’s. His cock is so huge, I probably won’t even feel you anymore.”

I couldn’t stop fantasizing about actually fucking Anne, it was at least 10 months ago when she let me fuck her.

Anne grabbed one of her large dildo’s and placed it on my chest. Slowly she went down on it. I was gazing at her perfection. Her perfect ass and pussy, so close to me.

I started begging her, “please, please my Queen let me fuck you… I beg you.”

I’m sure Anne could read all the sexual frustration right popping right out of submissive my eyes. Anne started laughing sadistically at me and continued to lower her pussy while her dildo did get the chance I begged her for. Right in front of my face, she started fucking her dildo while punishing my balls. Squeezing and smacking them. Telling me how horny she gets while humiliating me. I felt so much emotional pain, I wanted her so bad, she was so close to me, but still I wasn’t allowed to fuck her. Even her dildo was more wanted than my penis, this thought made me feel so little.

She started moaning and fantasizing about her lover while riding her dildo on my chest. I couldn’t jerk off because Anne held my arms down while resting her knees on them. Her perfect round booty was bouncing on my chest and there was nothing I could do but whimper and shake from jealousy. Screaming her lover’s name, she reached her climax. She pulled me off the bed on my leash and commanded me to jerk off. I came within seconds all over her boots. Anne commanded me to lick up every drop, while she forced my head down on her boots.

I looked up to her when I finished cleaning her boots and she petted my head, “Good boy, good boy, such a good doggy.”

Anne deserves the best and she knows how to use her authority to get what she wants. She knows how to use her perfection and makes me feel grateful to be part of it. I still can’t believe that I’m so lucky to be married to her. Anne is able to get whatever she wants and she knows it.

Would I be able to resist if she forced me in any kind of cage? This thought kept killing me, because once she started talking about cuckolding, it went reality before I knew it. Anne is so extremely hot, I won’t resist any of her wishes or commands. Even if she would lock me down in a dog cage for days, I would obey.

I would thank her for taking the time to teach me real discipline and obedience. That’s how she trained me and I still crave every second of it.

5 thoughts on “One of those many mornings with Anne (written by Bob)

  1. My little puppy surprised me with this post. It’s one of his memories of me and how he sees me in general. I read it while he was my little footstool, shaking under my high heel boots.


  2. Poor little puppy! Reads like a lttle more submissive and masochist than you can be the cruel hotwife against him. But lovely essays of course. All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Joe, we are doing fine. Thanks for asking. I lack inspiration to write, partly because having Bob and Charley in my life, feels like the new ‘normal’. Charley and I don’t date that often as before. We are both working hard and due to COVID/lockdown it is not easy to meet. His girlfriend needs more attention too lately. I know my place. I do talk to Charley daily.


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