Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull) · The men

How are we doing?

Hello, it’s me. The slowly moving towards forty, but still sexy Anne.

Charley and I can’t meet often. We are both overwhelmed with work and projects. Charley needs to put extra effort into his business due to COVID-19. He is struggling. We are all healthy though, such a blessing.

I still have strong feelings for Charley after two years. Charley feels the same. My feelings for Bob are infinite. The two men are so different, you can’t compare them. Bob will always be my primary and Charley will always prioritize his girlfriend. Charley is a typical alpha male, but at home… I think he is more submissive than he realizes. Their life is often orchestrated by the girlfriend. He is always avoiding conflict at all cost, afraid of her reaction. At first they were open about Charley’s adventures, but as soon as she heard that Charley had a little crush on me she turned the relationship into ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’. She never asks anymore… Which worries me. I need brutal honesty in a relationship, but that is my point of view. I guess being a secret, almost like a real mistress, is what works for Charley and Nancy. I will call her Nancy. She gives Charley freedom for working in the evenings and it’s up to him if he visits me during the ‘working hours’. I don’t think she is stupid though, because you can definitely tell when he visited me. It’s always after midnight, he smells like me and he might have my hair on his clothes. The way I see it is that Nancy grants Charley his pleasure as long he is loyal to her and she comes first. Charley shouldn’t underestimate her and I can only guess what is on her mind. Might she get off on the idea that Charley is secretly having sex with me? I know for a fact that she used to finger fuck herself while Charley told her about his past sex dates. Most important to Nancy is that Charley only has sex with other women and not a relationship. But… having no relationship is impossible with Charley. It’s the way he is. Friendly, funny and caring. He is still friends with old sex contacts. I understand that, because who else can you tell and share your undercover life with?

Now that I mentioned this. I still talk to Eric, but no sessions are involved. And Kevin, well I saw him one time driving in his van. He didn’t see me. I was driving a different car. Boy, he got fat!

Back to Charley. I can tell that Charley evolved over time, he is showing more and more of his true self. No longer afraid to blur out his honest opinion, instead of being polite and pleasing me. Charley even had a heart to heart with Bob and said that having a relationship with me was the best relationship he ever had. That takes real courage to confess towards your mistress’s husband. I felt pity first, because I can’t see Charley and me in a primary relationship. It’s more a good bonus relationship. Bob will always be my other half. He is so used to Charley’s presence now. He never says ‘no’ when Charley wants to visit. The first year with Charley, Bob was fighting insecurity. I gave him a hard time with Kevin, I know. I am happy that he forgave me for my emotional roller coaster ride. Only when I said things like “I can’t imagine a relationship with Charley”, Bob glowed and was happy that he will always be my number one. Penetration is still important to me, but it doesn’t weigh against a good solid relationship. I love Bob deeply, no words can describe.

Besides the relationship with Charley, the sex is also evolving. That’s a post for next time, just thinking about sex with Charley makes me want to masturbate now. Which I am going to do.

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