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How are we doing?

Hello, it's me. The slowly moving towards forty, but still sexy Anne. Charley and I can't meet often. We are both overwhelmed with work and projects. Charley needs to put extra effort into his business due to COVID-19. He is struggling. We are all healthy though, such a blessing. I still have strong feelings for… Continue reading How are we doing?

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One of those many mornings with Anne (written by Bob)

I was waking up, when I felt I had a huge boner. Anne had a firm grip around my balls and started edging me while staring into my eyes. She had a very cruel look in her eyes and added, "I love to see you whimper on the ground in the corner when I'm having… Continue reading One of those many mornings with Anne (written by Bob)

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Random thoughts: Quick update

I'm OK! More than OK. I realized that my last post was in July. Our summer months have been project after project. Hold on. It's still project after project. We found a way to earn good money. I feel energized about working as a team with Bob. Though I wish I made more time for… Continue reading Random thoughts: Quick update