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How are we doing?

Hello, it's me. The slowly moving towards forty, but still sexy Anne. Charley and I can't meet often. We are both overwhelmed with work and projects. Charley needs to put extra effort into his business due to COVID-19. He is struggling. We are all healthy though, such a blessing. I still have strong feelings for… Continue reading How are we doing?

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Random thoughts: Quick update

I'm OK! More than OK. I realized that my last post was in July. Our summer months have been project after project. Hold on. It's still project after project. We found a way to earn good money. I feel energized about working as a team with Bob. Though I wish I made more time for… Continue reading Random thoughts: Quick update

Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull) · The men

Icing on the cake, reconnecting with Charley

After our victory in post I feel insecure and jealous I feel steady and calm. My faith in our relationship of three has leveled up. I can hear and feel Charley's desperation in his voice and text messages. He wants to see me, but his busy work schedule won't let him. I try to calm him… Continue reading Icing on the cake, reconnecting with Charley