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I feel insecure and jealous

My last two posts were flashbacks from November last year. This long intense post follows up on I miss sex, meaning back to the present. I am in tears... Like unstoppable streams running down my cheeks. Yes, I have been sad before when it comes to Charley, but not like this. And of course my period… Continue reading I feel insecure and jealous

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Crazy emotions messing me up, NRE?

NRE (new relationship energy) or maybe a sex addiction? An addiction for sure. I see Charley regularly, but I miss him so much every time he leaves. We keep on waving to each other until he is around the corner. Me, peeping half naked behind an almost closed door and Charley with a smile so… Continue reading Crazy emotions messing me up, NRE?

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Random thoughts: Quick update

Seriously... I find it hard to keep up with my diary. I have so many other priorities in my life right now. Fun and good priorities! I am fit as a fiddle and enjoy life to the max. I wish I could give you detailed chapters about my secret dates, but writing takes a lot… Continue reading Random thoughts: Quick update