Chapter 23: Why am I not feeling the electricity anymore?

I can't keep track anymore of the cancelled dates. Today... After 2 months, it seems we are finally going to meet each other. I wished we could have booked a hotel, but Kevin only has a few hours to spare between his meetings at work. I have the day off, but suddenly an emergency at [...]


Chapter 18: I wouldn’t mind if he just takes the lead and uses me for his pleasure

I am at our meeting point, waiting. I receive a text from him. He will be fifteen minutes late. I smile. I was expecting that. He is getting predictable. I keep watching the rear-view mirror of my car. No van. I sniff myself, check my teeth, my hair. Everything is fine. I check the rear-view [...]

Chapter 15: It is the first time I feel annoyed

It has been three weeks since we last saw each other. We had options, but he got ill. He was devastated to cancel on me. Because the meeting point was finally close to my home. Ill is ill, better next time. Yesterday we were fantasizing about having sex in the back of the van. I [...]